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Mendukilo Cave

Valle de Larraun

Take the NA-7500 Lekunberri to Madotz road.


This cave, located 4 km away from Lekunberri, in Astitz, has been used as mountain stables for centuries. But after having been fitted out to receive visitors, it is being given a new use as of this summer. The cave has been equipped with floating walkways, special lighting, multimedia systems and loudspeakers in order to inform as to the difficulties of the subterranean world. The route is designed for all those capable of going up/down two flights of stairs without assistance. The tours are led by a local guide in groups with a maximum of 20 persons. 3 chambers are visited during the tour, which lasts 50 min.

Establishment distinguished with the tourist quality commitment

For more information:
Tlf. 948 50 72 05 and
To book tickets Tlf. 680 660 774