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San Miguel de Aralar Sanctuary


Take the NA-7510 road from Lekunberri to San Miguel de Aralar.

San Miguel de Aralar PR-NA-82.


Santuario de San Miguel en Excelsis.

It was completed in 1141, although its origin, which is steeped in legend, probably dates back much earlier than the sanctuary that stands there today. There are remains of a 9th-century Carolingian church, but it was first documented in 1032. Inside, there is the entrance to a cave, into which the dragon in the legend of Teodosio de Goñi supposedly escaped.

The interior of the sanctuary houses the image-reliquary of San Miguel represented with a cross over his head and also a masterpiece of European enamelwork, the 12th-century Romanesque enamelled altar frontal.

To consult the timetable of religious services call 948 396028..