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Antsonea Cheese

Valle de Araitz

Peio Goikoetxea Garralda
Antsonea Baserria Uztegi Uztegi 31891
620301654 - 948513468

Castellano Euskera

We are three young from Araitz Valley, located at the foot of the Sierra de Aralar, in the heart of Euskal Herria.

We have bet to live and work in our environment. Taking advantage of the farmhouse of our parents, we decided to live from the countryside and the land, we love our environment and want to keep it as our ancestors have done.

We have a flock of 300 blonde face\'s \"latxa\" sheep, that graze in an area of ​​16 acres of prairie in winter combined with the stored fodder in the previous summer. They also graze on the Aralar communal mountain in the summer and autumn.

With the milk they produce these sheep we developed a cheese which is aged for a minimum of 2 months to weigh between 1kg a 2kg.

The cheese is made with curds derived from our own lamb. This curd gives the flavor that makes our cheese so special.

By appointment you can visit the farm and cheese factory, taste and buy Antsonea cheese.

Ardi latxaren esnearekin eginiko gazta ondua. Idiazabal eta Artzai Gazta izendapenean.