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Katealde Pâté


Patxi Arakama Zufiaurre
Ctra. S.Sebastian, km 5. Altsasu/Alsasua 31800
948 46 82 23
948 56 32 05


Katealde is a small company based in Alsasua, at the foot of the Urbasa mountain range. It uses traditional methods combined with modern quality control techniques to make various different products from duck meat. The ducks arrive at the farm when they are two weeks old and are kept there in free-range paddocks until they are fattened with corn and then slaughtered. This process produces ducks of the highest quality available on the market. There is a farm shop which sells the farm’s own products as well as cheeses, jams, honey, sweets, cold meats, etc.

Working days from 8,00 to14,30 and 16,30 to 20,00. Saturdays from 8,00 to14,30 y de 18,00 a 20,00. Sundays from 11,00 to 13,00 and 18,00 to 20,00

Foie gras, goose and duck pâtés, confit of duck, cured duck “ham”, salchichón (a type of sausage), fresh goose liver, other pâtés and mousses.

Facilities for the disabled, but not in the toilets.

Duck products.